4-oz. CHAIN-L No5 CHAIN LUBE (d)

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Chain-L satisfies what we think are the three most important requirements of a chain lubricant: Lubrication, Lubrication and Lubrication While properties like external cleanliness may seem important, the fact is that internal wear of the 112 overloaded, overworked and overlooked bearings is what destroys chains. A road cyclist, riding first-tier equipment, will typically wear a chain out in as little as 50* hours of use -- often destroying the cassette or chainrings in the process. On a high-end bike, drivetrain wear is the most expensive maintenance cost per mile. That’s why, when developing Chain-L, we approached is as a bearing-wear problem and formulated it consistent with our theory of how chains wear and how best to combat it. We then road tested with racers, messengers, shop staff and others; refining it over the span of almost a year before we began selling to the public in the fall of 2007. Rather than bore you with sales hype or smoke and mirrors, we prefer to follow the old adage that the “proof of the pudding is in the eating” and encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself if Chain-L is something you should be using. *1,000 miles at 20 mph. Made in USA.

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